Tooth Extractions in San Marcos, CA

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A tooth extraction may sound scary, but it doesn’t have to be. At Mission Hills Family Dental, we always look into all other possible dental treatments before resorting to tooth removal, but sometimes it really is the best decision for not just your oral health, but your overall wellness. If you find yourself in need of a dental extraction, we welcome you to our dentist’s office for a smooth, stress-free procedure.

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What is the tooth extraction process?

The first step in the tooth extraction process is making sure the proper anesthesia and sedation is in place. Once that is done, we will begin the tooth removal procedure which will be either a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. Which one you get will depend on how the tooth in question is positioned in your gums and how difficult it is to remove. After your procedure is complete, you will have a few days of recovery where you must take any prescribed medications we give you and follow our instructions for what you can and can’t eat, as well as how to brush and floss your teeth.

Are tooth extractions painful?

As we touched on previously, we work very hard to make sure you don’t experience any pain while getting a tooth extraction. With modern tooth extractions, you may feel a little bit of pressure, but it definitely shouldn’t hurt. If you’d like to learn more about the dental sedation options available at our San Marcos practice, you can check out the Sedation section on our Comfort page.

Are tooth extractions covered by insurance?

The simplest answer is that it depends. Comparing the coverage from one insurance plan to another can be very different. Some people might have complete coverage of their tooth extraction, some people might have only partial coverage, and some might have no coverage at all. We recommend reaching out to your dental insurance provider to see what the case is for you.

If you think you may need assistance with managing your dental care costs, you can have a look at our Financial page to learn about your different options.

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