How to Identify a Dental Emergency

Read our blog post to learn how to to identify a dental emergency. We also explain how you can prepare for a dental emergency. We offer same-day care for emergency dental incidents so you and your family can have peace of mind. Call our Mission Hills Family Dental team at 760-621-6123!

Does Mouthwash Improve Dental Health?

Read our blog post to discover if mouthwash is a necessary step in a daily oral hygiene routine. We also reveal whether alcohol-based alcohol is safe for your teeth. We can walk you through a proper oral care routine. Contact us today for more information!

Are Dental X-Rays Safe? (hint: yes!)

If you’re worried about radiation exposure during dental X-rays, check out our blog post to alleviate your fears. We explain what dental X-rays are, if they’re dangerous (hint: no), why they’re necessary, and how often you’ll need them taken. Call us if you’re still concerned about the safety of X-rays!

5 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Brush

Is it a daily battle to get your kids to brush their teeth? Check out our blog post for 5 tips to motivate your kids to brush without a meltdown. We talk about setting a good example, making it fun, using dissolving agents and rewards, and visiting the dentist. Contact us to schedule your child’s next dental appointment!

What Are Teeth Made Of?

Many people think teeth are bones, but that’s not quite right. Read our blog to find out what teeth are made of, layer by layer. If you have more questions about your oral health, contact our San Marcos dental office!