Bathroom Organization 101

Bathroom Organization 101

Sometimes, all it takes is refreshing your space to encourage better habits. Brushing your teeth may not be front-of-mind when your hairbrush is taking over your toothbrush holder and your floss is tucked between your toilet paper stock and your washrags. Bathroom organization can help turn the smallest room in your house into your own personal spa. We here at Mission Hills Family Dentistry in San Marcos, CA are here to help with tips and tricks to make your bathroom more organized AND smile-friendly.

Light Up Your Smile

Bad lighting can make your skin, teeth & countertop look dingy. Replace your light bulbs (research energy-saver options if you’re going green) and refresh window treatments to get the best view of your pearly whites. If you have windows, open them! Natural lighting is the best for a clean and balanced feel, and it’s free as long as the sun is shining. Walking into a well-lit room can lift your spirits and make taking care of your teeth a more positive and reviving experience.  

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

The smallest room of the house is also the one which gets cluttered the quickest. If you’re often unsure of where to even look for your toothbrush, it might be time to invest in some organization. Wall shelves, jars, baskets, hooks and cord management can help ensure your countertops stay clear, and many of these items can be found already around your house. The best advice we can offer? Keep it simple. Mornings can be hectic times full of massive amounts of hairspray, half-eaten granola bars, and lost car keys. Things end up forgotten on the counter when you’re trying to run out the door ten minutes late. Coming home to that clutter in the evening can make even the most simple tasks a pain. Get some accessible baskets for things you use daily like toothpaste, deodorant and brushes. Keeping them easy to see will make them easy to put away without a second thought. What’s the biggest advantage to this? Keeping your hairbrush from making contact with your toothbrush should be benefit enough.

Taking Care of Business

A lot of things happen in a bathroom. Keeping products put away and organized makes getting rid of germs and bacteria a lot easier (and quicker). Keep some spray or cleaning wipes handy in a cabinet for daily disinfection of countertops. Taking care of the room where you take care of your health is important for your physical well-being. Your toothbrush should also be kept as far away from your toilet as possible. Good rule of thumb: Don’t brush where you flush!

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