What Is A Dental Extraction?

young man in the dentist chair getting ready for a tooth extraction

When it comes to different dental procedures, a tooth extraction is probably one of the top ones you don’t want to hear you need. We understand that it can seem a little scary to get one, but if you do need this restorative treatment, you should know that it’s a routine procedure used to protect your oral health. To ease some of the fear you might have, here’s a little bit more about what dental extractions are and how they work.

Reasons You May Need a Dental Extraction

Dental extractions are used in a variety of cases. For example, they’re performed when a tooth infection is so severe other treatments won’t be able to remedy the situation. They’re used when there’s not enough room in your mouth for all your teeth and the crowding could cause further issues. They’re also used when wisdom teeth are coming in incorrectly and risking the health and position of your nearby teeth.

In other words, your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction if all other options have been considered and it’s the only way to ensure your smile stays healthy and your overall wellness doesn’t come at risk.

How a Dental Extraction Works

There are two types of dental extractions. The first is called a simple extraction and is when the tooth is visible and can be pulled with a special tool. The second is called a surgical extraction and is when an incision needs to be made to remove the tooth from the gum. Regardless of which type of extraction you get, local anesthetic will be applied so you can remain comfortable throughout the procedure, and dental sedation will also be an option.

We Do Dental Extractions!

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