How Are Dentures Placed in My Mouth?

senior couple hugging and smiling after learning about the benefits of dentures

Dentures are a reliable solution for folks with missing teeth, especially with multiple or even a whole mouth full of gaps. Dentures are affordable and accessible, making them a great choice for tooth replacement, but many of the people who have not experienced dentures carry misconceptions about how they work, look, and feel. In this blog post, we’ll give you a look into the placement of dentures.

The Details on Dentures

Dentures are appliances that address tooth loss, and they come in both full and partial options. The choice between the two will be made based on the number of missing teeth–patients missing a full arc on the upper or lower half of the mouth will go with full dentures, while patients with some missing teeth, some natural, will go with partial dentures. At Mission Hills Family Dental, all of our dentures are custom-made to fit naturally into the patient’s mouth, leaving them with a comfortable, realistic smile.

How Dentures Stay Put

The answer to how dentures are placed varies depending on the type of dentures we’re talking about. One option is a dental adhesive, which is applied in a layer on the dentures. When the dentures are put into place, the adhesive sticks to the gums, keeping the false teeth where they are. However, a much more steady fit can be provided with the help of dental implants.

Dentures & Implants

As we said, a step up from dental adhesive would be to stabilize the dentures with dental implants–and this is something we specialize in here at our office. We place implants strategically in jaw bone that, once healed, will allow you to snap your dentures into place, providing increased security, comfort, and ease. Steadying your dentures with implants makes it easier to eat, talk, and show off your brand new smile!

Dentures at Mission Hills Family Dental

Thinking about dentures? Call us to set up a consultation, and we can chat about the options that will best suit your smile. In the meantime, visit our dentures page to learn more.

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