5 Tips to Encourage Your Kids to Brush

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So you’ve taught your kids how to brush their own teeth. Congratulations! Half the battle is over, but how do you get your kids to actually keep brushing their teeth every morning and night like they’re supposed to? Follow these tips to make your kids’ dental care routine a whole lot easier.

1. Set a Good Example

Kids often want to do exactly as their parents do. As their role model, you should first and foremost set a good oral health care routine for yourself. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day and always make biannual appointments with your dentist to maintain your beautiful smile.

2. Make it Fun

Test out different flavors of toothpaste and let your child choose from a variety of fun, colorful toothbrushes to make brushing their teeth as fun and enjoyable as possible. Giving them a choice in how they maintain their oral health is a great way to get your kids excited to brush their teeth.

3. Incentivize Them

Who doesn’t like to earn rewards? Put a sticker or stamp on a calendar every day that your child brushes their teeth and let them save up for rewards, like a new toy or an allowance.

4. Explain Why Brushing is Important

Kids love to know why they have to do the things we tell them to do. Try to explain the importance of maintaining proper oral hygiene in a kid-friendly way through books, videos, and even through demonstration. Dissolving agents are a fun and educational way to get your kids to realize how much plaque is on their teeth. These chewable tablets actually stain plaque, making it easily identifiable.

5. Visit the Dentist

Finding a family-friendly dentist can make all the difference in establishing a solid brushing routine. At Mission Hills Family Dental, we use kid-friendly terms to explain dental treatments to children as well as teach proper brushing techniques. We love to cater to younger patients and know exactly how to work at their pace. Not only do we offer excellent kid-focused dental care, but we also provide comforting amenities to make your kids feel right at home, including toys, cartoons to watch, and blankets and pillows.

When it comes to establishing an oral healthcare routine for your child, set them up for success. Remember, we at Mission Hills Family Dental are here to help, and we look forward to helping you and your family maintain perfect smiles. Take advantage of our convenient scheduling and bring the whole family in for a family block appointment!

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