Are You Worried About Gaps In Between Your Teeth?

young women gets ready to insert Invisalign clear aligner

Let’s imagine a scenario: You’re standing in front of a mirror, and you give a big smile. What do you see? If all you can focus on are the gaps in between your teeth and it’s stopping you from feeling good about your smile, then you may want to consider orthodontic treatment. At Mission Hills Family Dental, we provide a type of orthodontic treatment called Invisalign clear aligner therapy, which can help close gaps and bring confidence back to your smile.

How Invisalign Can Help

Invisalign is different from braces in a few key ways. For starters, there are no metal brackets and wires involved and instead, the treatment uses a series of plastic, custom-fitted aligners. While braces essentially pull your teeth into their perfect positions over time, Invisalign aligners gently push your teeth into alignment.

While Invisalign therapy can certainly help close gaps in between teeth, it can also be used to fix crooked teeth, correct crowding, and adjust overbites/underbites. Each patient’s smile needs are different, so it’s always a good idea to consult a dentist about how Invisalign might benefit you.

Benefits of Straightening Your Smile

Yes, a big advantage of straightening your teeth is that you can achieve an attractive, more youthful looking smile. This benefit goes far beyond aesthetics though since having a beautiful smile you’re confident in can also boost your overall self-confidence. We think that’s priceless!

Another benefit of straightening your teeth is that it actually makes them easier to clean. With crooked or misaligned teeth, there are more little nooks and crannies where bacteria and plaque can build-up. Those areas may also be harder to thoroughly clean on your own with a brush or floss.

Invisalign Clear Aligner Therapy at Mission Hills Family Dental

Are you interested in getting Invisalign to fix the gaps in your smile? We’d love to help! We invite you to schedule an orthodontic consultation at our San Marcos dental practice. It’s our goal to get you to a smile you can be proud of!

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