Tips for Maintaining Your Dentures

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Dentures are a tooth replacement option that comes in both full and partial versions. Full dentures replace entire arches of upper and/or lower teeth. You’ll get partial dentures if you still have some natural teeth. Dentures restore your chewing ability and smile. Whether you already have dentures or you’re considering them, how are they maintained at home? Here are five tips:

Tip #1: Dentures Should Be Cleaned Daily

To keep your dentures white and clean, be sure to brush them at least once a day. Twice is better because you would brush your natural teeth twice a day. What you eat and drink can stain your dentures, so clean well after food and beverages like tomato sauce and coffee.

Tip #2: Use a Special Denture Toothpaste

To brush your dentures, remove them from your mouth and clean with a soft-bristled toothbrush or special denture brush. Instead of regular toothpaste, Dr. Miller recommends a denture-specific toothpaste. Regular toothpaste is too abrasive and can scratch your dentures.

Tip #3. Don’t Use Hot Water When Cleaning Your Dentures

You wash your hands in hot water, but when you’re cleaning your dentures, you should only use cool water. Hot water can make the dentures warp. Even slight changes in their fit can make a big difference.

Tip #4: Soak Dentures in a Denture Solution

Dentures should never dry out. If they get dry, they become brittle and can easily crack or warp. When you aren’t wearing them, dentures should soak in a denture solution or cool water.

Tip #5: Handle Dentures Carefully

When you’re brushing your dentures or putting them in a soaking solution, always handle gently. Dentures are strong, but if you drop them, they can crack. Lay a towel in the sink to help cushion any falls.

Questions About Dentures at Mission Hills Family Dental?

Besides traditional dentures, our San Marcos office also offers implant-stabilized dentures. These have a more secure fit, so it’s easier to talk, eat, and smile. There’s also no adhesives to worry about. If you have any questions about our denture options, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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