Out and About All the Time? These Dental Care Ideas are a Must!

On-The-Go Dental Care Ideas

When you are traveling for business or vacation, it can be tough to give yourself the best dental care that your teeth need. You may be working such long hours at the office or busy juggling work, school, and your household that you are seemingly always on the go. Follow these for great on-the-go dental care ideas that will help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.

Travel Toothbrushes!

1. Purchase easy-to-carry dental hygiene products that you can keep in your purse, bag or suitcase at all times. Travel toothbrushes come in small sizes and will have either a cap to keep the bristles clean and undamaged, or will fold up to protect the brush. Keep one with your personal items at all times, along with a small tube of toothpaste, for dental hygiene on-the-go. You may even keep a set in your car as well, so you always have supplies wherever you are.  

Keep Your Supplies in a Waterproof Bag

2. Buy a small, portable makeup bag to keep your oral hygiene items in. That way if your toothpaste cap pops off or your mouthwash lid leaks, it won’t get all over the other items in your purse, bag or suitcase.

Disposable Flossers

3. Purchase disposable flossers and interdental brush cleaners to keep in your bag. If you are on-the-go and can’t stop to brush, these will help keep your teeth clean until you can give them the proper care. They are inexpensive and do not take up much room at all. They also come in bags of hundreds so you won’t run out anytime soon.

Phone Reminder

4. Set a reminder on your phone if you are always out and about and need to remember to take care of your teeth. With all of the distractions going on a daily basis, it is completely understandable that you may forget to brush. Most smartphones have the ability to set a daily reminder that will go off at the same time each day.

Follow these steps while you are out and about to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Remember to always schedule regular dental visits to make sure that your dental needs are up-to-date!