How to Practice Good Oral Hygiene at Home

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Taking care of your teeth doesn’t stop once you leave the dentist’s office. When you’re at home, it’s important to exercise good oral hygiene to prevent issues in the future. At Mission Hills Family Dental, we give San Marcos, CA, and the surrounding region advice on keeping their teeth healthy in addition to preventive and restorative dental care.

Choose a Good Toothpaste

Even if you brush twice per day, it doesn’t help as much if you’re not using a quality toothpaste. To choose, first assess the fluoride content. Although many options contain fluoride, it’s beneficial to compare the amount of fluoride in different kinds of toothpaste. Always use a paste that has approval from the American Dental Association (ADA). This is a leading dental organization that sets high standards for dental products and provides high-authority patient education. You may also want to choose a product based on your specific needs, such as if you have gingivitis or tooth sensitivity.

Floss Your Teeth

Floss your teeth every day. Food particles and bacteria hide in between the spaces of your teeth and under your gums. If not removed daily, this bacteria will irritate and inflame your gums, leading to gingivitis – or even worse – periodontitis.

Regulate the Acidity in Your Mouth

You probably already know you need to limit sugar to prevent decay. Sugar increases the acidity in your mouth, which makes your predisposition for dental disease greater. Additionally, foods that are high in acid like lemons can eat away at the enamel of your teeth. To help with the pH balance in your mouth, limit the amount of sugar and acid you consume. Additionally, eat a balanced diet rich in seeds, nuts, and fresh vegetables.

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