Household Products That Kill Coronavirus

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There are many things about COVID-19 that the medical community is still learning and studying every day, but fortunately there are a few things that have proven to work well against the coronavirus so far. You likely won’t have to go very far either; many of these products are probably already in your bathroom or available at your local grocery store. Here are a few household products that you can use to help keep yourself, your family, and our San Marcos community safe from COVID-19.

Regular Soap

Regular hand soap is very effective at killing viruses like the common cold and COVID-19. This is because these viruses have an outer layer of lipids, or fats, that are easily broken down when they come in contact with soap. As long as the soap has enough time to do its job, it’s a great product to use when you want to remove virus particles from surfaces that require a gentle approach, like skin.

Isopropyl Alcohol

Hand sanitizers and other cleanings agents that contain at least 70% isopropyl alcohol or more are also good for cleaning. If you spray a disinfectant that contains isopropyl alcohol on a surface in your home, wait for thirty seconds before wiping it away to give the solution enough time to kill any viruses that are present. Many modern cell phones and laptops are fairly resistant to liquids, and using a very small amount of isopropyl alcohol on them can work well to disinfect them.

Clorox & Lysol

Both Clorox and Lysol products have been shown to kill COVID-19, and both companies sell wipes, sprays, and laundry sanitizers that can be used to kill coronavirus particles on surfaces and clothing. Be sure to follow the product’s directions for best results and to prevent any damage to surfaces.

Follow Labels & Directions

You should always do your research before using a disinfectant on something that you have never used it on before, and never mix household cleaners together unless the instructions tell you to do so. Harsh chemicals should not be sprayed on the skin or clothes after a person returns home from being in public. Taking a shower and changing into clean clothes is a much better alternative. Other kinds of alcohol besides isopropyl alcohol do not necessarily contain the right properties to kill COVID-19, so they should not be used to kill coronavirus particles.

Please consult or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website for helpful coronavirus resources.

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