Fun, Tooth-Friendly Items to Put in Your Child’s Easter Basket

Easter baskets are a fun, festive way to treat your little ones to a surprise on this springtime holiday. Remember, though, too much candy will wreck their teeth for years to come. Read on for some tooth-friendly alternatives that will delight your children on Easter Sunday.

easter basket full of colorful eggs


Vibrant, dyed hard-boiled eggs look wonderful displayed in an Easter basket, and, packed with protein and other nutrients, they are super healthy for the teeth. Alternatively, stick to plastic eggs and fill them up with a delightful surprise, like spare change. Your child will be thrilled to have something to add to their piggy bank.


What better way to create an authentic Easter basket than to include the Easter bunny’s own favorite treat—carrots. Not only that, but carrots are one of the healthiest foods around when it comes to your teeth. That satisfying crunch with every bite does wonders for your teeth, scrubbing away at plaque and debris as you chew.


Another crunchy food that’ll give the teeth a nice clean. Apples are a great way to add something sweet to the basket while keeping it healthy. Although apples and other fruits do contain some natural sugar, there are also plenty of nutrients provided that benefit the teeth and overall health.

Sidewalk chalk

It’s spring time! Inspire your kids to get outside and get creative with a multi-colored array of chalk. You may even find Easter-themed egg-shaped chalk. If the weather’s nice, this can spark a fun Easter Sunday activity for the whole family!

Great Care for the Whole Family

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Happy Easter to all our patients! To ask our team any questions about oral health, contact our office today!

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