How Sugar-Free Gum Can Naturally Boost Your Enamel Strength

sugar packets raw sugar

You’ve always been a fan of chewing gum, but your oral health has declined. You are especially worried about the effects that gum has had on your enamel. Thankfully, it turns out that sugar-free gum is one way you can strengthen your enamel naturally. But how? And why? It’s Been Confirmed: Sugar-Free Gum Can Help[…]

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Manual vs Electric Toothbrush

Manual vs Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes are more affordable than ever. It wasn’t long ago that you couldn’t find an electric toothbrush under $200, but many major brands have released affordable versions of electric toothbrushes. You can even find electric toothbrushes for children that are smaller and designed for kids under the age of ten. Are these electronic versions[…]

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Preventive Care: A Mouth is No Place for a Science Project

Why Preventative Care is so Important

Would you do science experiments on your favorite piece of heirloom furniture? You know, the one handed down through the family for generations. Your mouth (and your body for that matter) is a very special heirloom consisting of the DNA handed down from each side of your family. And it’s functional. You use it every[…]

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