Encouraging Your Child to Play an Active Role in Their Dental Care

young girl holding a giant toothbrush at the dentist office

Good oral health is just as important for children as it is for adults. If kids neglect their dental care, they can end up with painful toothaches, disrupted tooth development, and dental problems in their adulthood. Kids often struggle with maintaining good oral hygiene, so how do you encourage them to play an active role?

Start Talking to Them About Dental Care When They’re Young

Kids should start seeing a dentist when their first tooth comes in or when they turn one, whichever comes first. Now is the perfect time to start talking to them about why dental care matters and what they should do at home. There are many educational books and videos created for young kids, so they can start learning how to take care of their teeth.

Make Dental Care Fun & Interesting

Children are more likely to take an interest in their dental care if it’s presented in an engaging way. That can include letting them choose colorful toothbrushes, flavored toothpaste, sticker charts, and fun timers. If you can make routine dental care like daily brushing and flossing more like a game, your child will likely want to play an active role.

Set a Good Example

Kids look to their parents for guidance on just about everything, including dental care. Set a good example by brushing at least twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting the dentist for routine cleanings and exams. When you talk about the dentist, always use positive language, so your child doesn’t associate dental care with unpleasant feelings.

Children’s Dentistry at Mission Hills Family Dental in San Marcos, CA

Children who play active roles in their dental care are much more likely to enjoy great oral health as adults! There are things you can do as a parent to encourage your kid, but choosing the right dentist also helps. At our office, we offer a fun, friendly environment for kids and services like fluoride treatments, dental sealants, baby crowns, and much more. If you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Miller, please contact us today!

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