Are There Dental Health Benefits to Drinking Tea?

cup of green tea with mint alongside

By now, you know which foods support dental health. But what about our favorite beverages? If you’re a tea drinker, it may please you to learn that tea might actually be good for oral health. But not every tea is created equal. Studies have shown that green tea can improve and maintain oral and dental health when added to daily dental hygiene. The benefits of drinking green tea for the health of mouth and teeth are significant. Here are a few reasons you may want to grab a daily cup for a beautiful smile.

Improve Bad Breath

Insecure about bad breath? You might want to sip some tea. A study done by the University of British Columbia found that green tea powder is better at fighting bad breath than gum and mints! That’s because it has properties that help eliminate odor by killing microbes that lead to bad breath.

Fight Cavities

Green tea has been shown to control bacteria and lower acidity in saliva. This reduces the occurrence of plaque buildup that can lead to cavities.

Reduce Risk of Mouth Cancer

The antioxidant properties in green tea may slow the growth of cancerous tumors. Those who have a family history of oral cancer may want to consider taking up green tea as part of a daily routine.

Help Prevent Gum Disease

Green tea has an anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Inflammation and redness of the gums are typically seen in cases of gingivitis. Drinking green tea may help reduce chances of gum disease and periodontitis.

Keep in Mind

Green tea and teas with antioxidant properties are healthy for a number of reasons. Remember that they contain caffeine, so you may want to avoid drinking at night. Try resisting the urge to use sweeteners for maximum health benefits to teeth.

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