Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Brush

Fun Ways to Encourage Your Kids To Brush

Kids truly do follow by example. If you want your children to have a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles, then the earlier you start on encouraging good at-home care, the better off they’ll be later in life.

Brush Your Teeth Together

Kids love doing things with their parents and families, and this including even brushing and cleaning their teeth! Start a brushing routine together, and soon your kids will look forward to your time together and associate brushing with good feelings.

Use Toothpaste for Kids

Personalize the brushing routine for your kids by choosing fun and kid-friendly toothpastes. Instead of the boring, clinical-looking adult stuff (remember Euthymol?) get something your kids can identify with. Toothpastes now feature popular cartoon characters and Disney characters. We’re sure your children will find a toothpaste they love! Plus, the flavors are always kid-friendly, too.

Get a Brightly Colored Toothbrush

Even better, get an electric toothbrush for kids if they prefer that over a manual. Brightly colored toothbrushes are more inviting, and toothbrushes designed for children are easier to hold for kids who are still developing their motor skills. An electric toothbrush will help your kids thoroughly clean all the surfaces of their teeth.

Laugh While You Brush

Instead of approaching brushing your teeth as a boring, tedious chore, start treating your morning and nightly brushing routine as something that you look forward to. There’s no better way to do this than have a chuckle while you brush! Every thirty seconds or so, give out a good “ho-ho-ho!”. Think of a jolly Santa Clause laughing while you brush. Your kids might find this so funny, they’ll start referring to it as Laughter Brushing!

Play a Song. Dance Along!

Play an upbeat children’s song, maybe check this one out that is set to a groovy, popular tune but with cartoons for kids and lyrics about cleaning your teeth. Any way you can create some positivity around brushing will go a long way, ESPECIALLY if you start at a young age!

Have any suggestions of your own about how to encourage children to brush their teeth? Let us know in the comments below! In the meantime, make an appointment today to keep your children’s teeth and gums healthy!