Preventive Care: A Mouth is No Place for a Science Project

Why Preventative Care is so Important

Would you do science experiments on your favorite piece of heirloom furniture? You know, the one handed down through the family for generations. Your mouth (and your body for that matter) is a very special heirloom consisting of the DNA handed down from each side of your family. And it’s functional. You use it every day for eating and self-expression. Something so special and unique as that can never be replaced. That’s why preventive dental care is so important.

Bacteria & Our Mouth

Besides being subject to whatever we put into them, our mouths also deal with our bodies’ responses to what we put into them, meaning acids, enzymes and bacteria.

While some types of bacteria are helpful—think probiotics—others are not. They sit in our mouths feeding off of rotting stuff left sitting around in there and release their own wastes, adding to the rotting cocktail. And they reproduce like crazy.

Acids we think of as eating away at things, and digestion is, of course, what our bodies typically use them for. Enzymes are catalysts used to start chemical reactions such as those that take place during digestion. Once acids and enzymes perform their functions in our mouths, we need to clean them out, so they don’t go to work on our teeth, gums, and jawbone.

Preventive Care: Simple & Painless

Preventive care is simple and painless. There is even evidence (grooves in fossilized teeth) that primitive man flossed with something, most likely horse hair and brushed his teeth with sticks. Thank goodness tools for cleaning our mouths have come a long way since then. Dental floss is waxy or not and some is made specifically for getting between tight teeth. You can get waterpiks for home use. Dentists recommend soft-bristle toothbrushes and toothpaste now comes in a wide array of flavors and textures.

Regular check-ups with your dentist can help detect any developing problems early, while they can be easily addressed. They can also give your mouth a deeper clean than you are able to give yourself at home.

Get that Clean Feeling with Dr. Miller

Your mouth and body are the most valuable heirloom you will ever own, so learn how to care for yourself. Keeping science projects out of your mouth is the perfect investment.

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