The History of Braces

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In the spirit of back-to-school, we have a history lesson for you. Humans have been trying to straighten their smiles for many years, to varying degrees of success and comfort. In this blog post, we’ll explore the events and advancements that, in the long run, brought us today’s braces.

Ancient Attempts

In ancient times, technology may have been limited, but people were aware of the importance of their dental health, and they wanted a healthy, attractive smile! Evidence of orthodontia has been discovered on mummies in Egyptian and Etruscan tombs. Historians have found that Romans, too, were concerned with straightening the teeth. An individual named Celcus experimented with regular finger pressure in an attempt to move the teeth, while some of his contemporaries used gold wire to try to adjust the smile.

The Nineteenth Century

In the 1800s, there was a new focus on creating braces that really worked. A number of breakthroughs were made that would contribute to the braces we know today. These developments include the wire crib, gum elastics, dental dams, and the use of X-rays in dentistry.

Reaching Modern Day

By the early 1900s, we have the term “braces,” and the technology only continues to advance. Until the 1970s, braces consisted of wires that wrapped all the way around the tooth, so they looked entirely different than they do now. In the latter part of the century, traditional braces were perfected and invisible braces were introduced, bringing you the fantastic teeth straightening options we have today.

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