Are Dental X-Rays Safe? (hint: yes!)

If you’re worried about radiation exposure during dental X-rays, check out our blog post to alleviate your fears. We explain what dental X-rays are, if they’re dangerous (hint: no), why they’re necessary, and how often you’ll need them taken. Call us if you’re still concerned about the safety of X-rays!

What Are Teeth Made Of?

Many people think teeth are bones, but that’s not quite right. Read our blog to find out what teeth are made of, layer by layer. If you have more questions about your oral health, contact our San Marcos dental office!

Top 5 Dental Phobias

Everyone knows that seeing the dentist is important, but for people with dental anxiety, it’s especially difficult because they dread going to the dentist more than anything else. If you feel stressed when you think about going to a dental office, you’re not alone. There are many different types of dental phobias. Here are five[…]

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8 Teeth Cleaning Myths Debunked

There are all sorts of misconceptions out there about keeping your teeth clean. And most of it is very, very wrong. We here at Mission Hill Family Dental have sorted through the mess to help set you straight. Check out the following teeth cleaning myths to separate fact from fiction. Myth #1: Brush Often You probably think[…]

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Why Do My Teeth Feel Fuzzy?

When you rub your tongue over your teeth, they may feel fuzzy or rough. This feeling happens a lot in the morning if you forget to brush your teeth before bed. Plaque and certain foods are the cause of this sensation. Foods that Cause Fuzziness There are specific foods that can lead to a sticky[…]

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