The Benefits of Fluoride

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It’s in your toothpaste, it’s likely in your drinking water, and your dentist might’ve mentioned in-office treatments with it, but just how is fluoride beneficial for your teeth?

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in the Earth’s crust, natural bodies of water, and different foods and beverages. It contains properties that help bone growth and fortify teeth enamel.

Why You Need Fluoride

Every day, your teeth go through processes called demineralization and remineralization. During demineralization, plaque and acids wear down your enamel. Then your enamel gets repaired during the remineralization process when minerals like calcium and fluoride restore it. Because fluoride is essential to the remineralization process, it is essential when it comes to preventing cavities and decay. Fluoride makes teeth more resistant to damaging acid and it can even reverse early tooth decay.

Sources of Fluoride

Luckily you don’t have to do much to make sure you’re getting a proper amount of fluoride to keep your teeth healthy. Your city’s tap water should be fortified with fluoride, and your dental products have it as well. If you feel like you need an extra boost of fluoride, ask your dentist about in-office treatments. There are also over-the-counter products like fluoride tablets and drops that you can add to your water in case you need it. Just don’t overdo the fluoride since it can actually cause yellow and brown stains on your teeth! It’s best to consult with a dental professional first.

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